MENUB’s mandate analyzed with the Burundian authorities and diplomats

9 Oct 2015

MENUB’s mandate analyzed with the Burundian authorities and diplomats

The implementation of the mandate of the United Nations Electoral Observation Mission in Burundi (MENUB), which is ending on December 31, 2015, was discussed Thursday in Bujumbura during meetings with representatives of the Government of Burundi and diplomats in the country.


These meetings took place as part of a three-day workshop organized by MENUB and whose main objective is to evaluate the implementation of its mandate since the launch of the Mission's activities, 1 January 2015, namely the electoral observation and support to the facilitation of a political dialogue for inclusive, transparent and peaceful elections.

The Second Vice President of the National Assembly and former Interior Minister Edouard Nduwimana, representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security as well as ambassadors took part in these discussions and expressed their views on the work led by the Mission.

This workshop will allow MENUB to assess how its activities were planned, monitored, coordinated, implemented and communicated, addressing the problems and formulate recommendations to the organization. The Director of the Electoral Assistance Division of the UN Department of Political Affairs, Craig Jenness, participated in the workshop.

Established by the Security Council under resolution 2137, MENUB was tasked with observing and reporting to the Secretary-General and the Secretary-General to the Security Council before, during and after the elections. The Mission was set up at the request of the Government of Burundi.

MENUB will end its substantive activities on 30 November and complete liquidation activities on 31 December 2015.